# Welcome aboard 👋

Kanuu is a web application that handles all your subscription UI for you.

It provides a beautiful interface for your users to both subscribe to your application and manage their subscription. This is what your customers will see when managing their subscription on Kanuu.

Kannu screenshot of a customer managing their subscription.

Kanuu uses your own Paddle account under the hood. When managing their subscription, your customers will interact with Paddle's modals and therefore you will be notified via webhooks just like you're used to.

Kannu screenshot of a customer updating their card details using Paddle's official modal.

All you need to do on your application is add a button somewhere in your application that will securely redirect your customer to Kanuu.

Screenshot of an application's setting page with a "Manage your subscription" button highlighted.

Convinced? Follow this super simple tutorial to get started using Paddle and Kanuu:

Using Laravel?

If your application is built on Laravel, we have a Laravel package to help you get started.

Click here to get started using the Laravel package.