# 2. Setup Kanuu

First, click here to register your free Kanuu account (opens new window).

Next, go to your "Team Settings" and update your team name. This will be visible to your customers when they manage their subscription on Kanuu.

Kanuu team setting's page with the "Team Name" section highlighted.

Under the "Paddle Account" section of the same page, you will need to paste the API key and "Vendor ID" you obtained from Paddle in the previous step.

Kanuu team setting's page with the "Paddle Account" section highlighted.

If you have already created your plans on Paddle, you should now see them selected in the next section.

Otherwise, create them in your Paddle account — under "Catalog > Subscription Plans" — and make sure to select them when you come back to Kanuu so they can be visible in the UI. This feature is useful to hide archived plans to your new customers.

Additionally, the next section can be use to customise your URLs.

Kanuu team setting's page with the "Paddle Active Plans" and "URLs" sections highlighted.

In the next step, we will create an API key you can use to communicate with Kanuu.

Last Updated: 11/28/2020, 1:57:44 PM