# Fetch a subscripton

POST https://kanuu.io/api/subscription

Fetch the latest subscription details for the given identifier. This allows you to easily determine whether a billable entity should have access to parts of your application that are subscription only.

This endpoint is heavily cached, changes to subscriptions or customers made within Kanuu should be reflected immediately but there can be a delay.

When using this endpoint in production you to should heavily cache the results, your application will likely be much slower if you are having to call Kanuu on every single request to determine if a customer has subscribed or not.

# Body

Attribute Validation Description
identifier required

A unique identifier of your billable entity.

For example, if you are creating subscriptions for users, then this could be your user ID. If you are creating subscriptions for teams, then it could be your team ID.

# Request

Make the request by passing the identifier as a data attribute and authenticate your application by providing your API key as a Bearer token.

# Response

From this endpoint you should always receive a successful response - as long as the provided identifier is a valid string.