# The Billable trait

Kanuu's Laravel package provides a useful Billable trait that abstracts the Subscription API for you. Simply add that trait to the model you want to bill (e.g. User or Team) and you're all sorted.

Here are all the methods available to you via this trait.


// Returns a `Kanuu\Laravel\Subscription` instance.
$subscription = $billable->getSubscription();


Under the hood, this trait will make an API call to Kanuu's subscription API to get the relevant information. It will also cache the result for that model for one hour by default. You may change the duration of that cache using the Kanuu::cacheFor method in any service provider like so.

// Cache for two hour using seconds or a Datetime.
Kanuu::cacheFor(2 * 3600);

Note that, if you're using the provided Kanuu::redirect($identifier) method or the RedirectToKanuu controller — via the Kanuu::redirectRoute() route — the cache will automatically be cleared for that identifier as things are likely going to change. If you are not using the Kanuu::redirect method nor the RedirectToKanuu controller, make sure to flush the key kanuu.{identifier} before redirecting your customer to avoid a bad user experience.

And that's it, you're now fully set up to use Kanuu in your Laravel application! 🥳

If you decide that the Subscription API is not for you because you prefer having subscription data stored in your own database, then this package can also help you set up Paddle's webhooks.

# Summary

Here's a quick summary/checklist to go back whenever you're setting up Kanuu with a new Laravel application.

  1. Setup Paddle and Kanuu. This requires no code. Follow these quick steps:

  2. Install the package.

    composer require kanuu-io/kanuu-laravel
  3. Add one environment variable. Add your Kanuu API key to your .env file.

  4. Add the Billable trait to your billable model.

    use Kanuu\Laravel\Billable;
    class User
        use Billable;
        // ...
  5. Add Kanuu's redirect controller to your routes. In your routes/web.php file, add the following route with any middleware you might need to protect it.

  6. Add a button that redirects to Kanuu. In your settings page, add a button that securely redirects your customers to Kanuu so they can manage their subscription.

    <a href="{{ route('kanuu.redirect', $user) }}" class="...">
        Manage your subscription

That's it!

Happy billing! 💸